The regions that are included in agenda templates are designated as either regular or reserved

Regular Regions

These regions are automatically included in a meeting when you create the meeting.

Reserved Regions

These regions are not automatically included in a meeting when it is created. The region can be added to the meeting any time after the meeting is created.

Regular regions can also be added to a meeting after it has been created.

If your agenda template includes any reserved regions they will be listed in the menu with all regions to add. Reserved regions appear below all regular regions.

How do I insert a region into an agenda?

Neither regular regions nor reserved regions are labeled as such in the region list.

Determining which regions should be regular and which should be reserved is up to you. In determining, you should consider if it is best to have the region included automatically for every meeting and then delete it if it is not necessary for a particular meeting, or if it is best to keep the region from being added automatically, and then just add it when necessary

Regions that are currently designated as reserved in a template can be changed to a regular region and vice-versa. If you want to change the regular or reserved designation of a region, please contact us at and request a template revision.

What are regions?