Open the Administrator Tools menu.

Where do I find the Administrator Tools menu?

Click the Auto-Notify button.

Current custom auto-notification groups for your account are listed in a datatable in the table in the main content area of the Manage Auto-Notification Groups page.

Using Agendease Datatables

The last column of the table contains action buttons that you use to manage various elements of the custom auto-notification group.

Find the custom auto-notification groups to which you want to add or edit its members.

Click the manage members button.

The members row of the custom auto-notification group opens.

To add member to the group…

Click the Add Member button

Enter the first name, last name, and email address for the member you are adding.

Click the Add Member button.


To edit a group member...

Each member has three buttons:

Edit Name of Email Address

Pause / Resume


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