The third tab in the meeting screen is labeled Packet View. Packet View gives you a convenient way to view the contents of an entire packet, and manage the packet, without leaving the meeting screen. In packet view, you can view an attachment, reorder items in a region, delete an item, delete a region, and many other things.

Packet view has an outline of the packet contents on the left and a viewport on the right.

The summary includes the agenda at the top followed by all the regions in the meeting agenda. Inside each region are items and the items attachments. Below the title of each one of these elements are icons that allow you to perform certain operations on the element.

Pausing your mouse pointer over an icon displays a tooltip explaining the function of the icon.

Click the labels of the agenda, and item, or an attachment to display that document in the viewport.

The Packet View tab also includes a button to download and entire PDF copy of the draft packet.