Agenda styles sometimes include a certification statement or some other text – usually near the bottom – that indicate when an agenda was posted at a specified location. The text typically includes a date and time when the posting occurred. This is the post date.

If your agenda style includes a post date, you have three choices to insert the date in the meeting agenda. You can let the system do it for you, you can type it in manually, you can omit it entirely.

Letting the system do it for you (Automatic)

When the meeting is finalized, the timestamp of when the finalization occurred will be used as the post date. The post date will be displayed in the agenda in the date and time format that is included in the agenda style.


Type it in manually (Manual)

You can enter text that will be inserted in the location in the agenda where the post date appears. The entered text will appear in that location even if you have the agenda style set up to insert an automatic post date. Anything that you enter will replace what would have been inserted automatically.


Entering a manual post date is effective in specifying a date or time that is later than the actual post date.

For example: If I am finalizing the meeting at 11:26 AM and I want the posted time to be 4:00 PM, I can enter it in manually as 4:00 PM. If I would set post date as automatic, it would indicate 11:26 AM in the agenda.

Text inserted as a manual post date will replace the entire date and time. Therefore, if you are only interested in specifying a different time (and leaving the date the same), you still need to enter the entire date/time text that you want to appear in the agenda.

Omitting the post date (Omit)

Setting the post date as Omit will eliminate any text being inserted in the agenda as the post date.


If your agenda usually has a post date, use Omit with caution since leaving out a date may make the wording unusual. If the paragraph of text that encompasses the post date is composed to include the date, it may not make sense to the reader.

For example:
 …was posted on Friday, July 31, 2020 at 4:30 PM on the bulletin board at City Hall…
May look like this if the post date is omitted from that agenda.
 …was posted on on the bulletin board at City Hall…

Alternatively, you can edit the text of the subject region to insert a post date manually or to correct discrepancies in the wording that might be created by omitting the post date.

How do I edit an agenda region?