Each user in your Agendease organization account has access privileges for each board that allow them to work on meetings and items according to the settings in those privileges. A user may have a certain level of access to one board and another level of access to a different board. 

Occasionally, a user may need to work with an item, but their access privileges do not give them the ability to access the item. Any user who does have access to the item can give the other user access by sharing it with the user.

Go to the item screen for the subject meeting.

How do I edit an item?

The fourth tab is the Sharing tab

In the upper left of the Sharing tab content is the Share item with… button.

Click the button to display the list of users in your organization with whom you can share the item.

You can give the user the ability to only view the item, or to view and edit the item. Choose the appropriate box for the access that you want to give to the user.

Click the Share button

The user will receive notification that the item has been shared with them.

Below the Share item with… button is the list of users with whom the item has been shared.